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About Al-Fares Group

In 1997, Al-Faris Trading Company was established, headquartered in Al-Haram, and in order for the company to be closer to the customer and to serve him more, the company expanded by making several other branches in the governorates of Egypt. In light of its success in implementing various supply contracts and distinguished after-sales services on a large scale, the company was able to prove Its merit in the supply market in various fields, including the sanitary ware sector – firefighting systems – irrigation systems – long scapes – drilling wells.. and other magazines. Thanks to God, the company was able in 2010 to establish a factory for Al-Fares Group for the manufacture of sanitary ware, filters and water motors to be an edifice Especially for it of international quality and standards on Egyptian soil and to be suitable for the requirements of our customers

Speech of the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Faris Rifaat Hassan

Since its establishment, Al-Fares Company has adopted a specific and clear approach in overcoming all challenges and circumstances to satisfy our customers in all respects in terms of providing products in all fields, with a constant emphasis on always being the most appropriate in terms of quality and price. We were the first to be in the market

And out of the logic of our constant concern for our national role in encouraging youth and contributing to the elimination of unemployment, we have assisted more than 100 people from the best technical and administrative cadres to serve our customers and meet all their requirements. Our agents to be the closest to you anywhere within the borders of Egypt to meet the needs of customers, and I promise your masters more development for the company in order to raise the level of our services by increasing branches and sectors in line with the needs of our customers in all fields

Executive Director's Speech

Muhammad Faris Rifaat Hassan

Heritage and traditions have an influential role in the lobe of success, and my father, and before him, my grandfather, had enough
The courage to learn. and empowerment. and innovation. They realize the importance of wise investing and its ability to
Drive future growth and enhance efficiency. We are honored to walk the same path. from their god
To pursue one’s vision and implement the values ​​that Bahaa believes in. For us, this approach has become a legacy
Neglect in it and a culture that everyone in the management team believes in Al-Fares Group from the beginning of the company
The humble, Al-Fares Group company was established in 1991, and it had a simple mission
It is represented in providing a wide range of high quality sanitary ware, at competitive prices. And today»
And after less than a quarter of a century since the start of work, Al-Fares Group has reached various places
Republic, and in a number of different sectors, the sanitary ware sector, the treatment units sector
and water purification, irrigation systems sector, firefighting systems sector, well drilling sector, land sector
Skip, tools and hand tools sector, and Al-Fares Group expanded to become one of the pioneers of industries

Our growth has been a remarkable achievement, and for this I would like to thank the founder of the company, my father, Faris Hassan
Thank you for helping me make my dream come true

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Al-Faris Group is a distinguished entity in the diversity of its carefully selected activities, which makes it an easy way to reach the requirements of different categories, and this confirms our development to keep pace with developments in the market

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