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R.o water system

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  • Water pumping capacity of 1000 liters every 12 hours
  • Membrane 400 gallons to remove harmful salts
  • Equation of the proportion of healthy salts in the human body
  • R.o water system . water purification and treatment plant

Water purification and treatment plant R.o water system, with a water pumping capacity of 1000 liters every 12 hours, with two tubes of 400 gallons to remove harmful salts, equalizing the proportion of healthy salts to the human body

First: the initial filter The first stage: the impurity filter to remove impurities and impurities such as rust and dust that exceeds 5 microns in size. It is made of polypropylene threads and is changed once every 3 months

The second stage: a filter to remove taste, color and odor (a carbon filter, which is a component of activated carbon granules specially treated for drinking water to remove taste, color, odor and its causes and removes chlorine completely (to be changed every 3 months)
The third stage: the activated carbon filter (a carbon block to remove organic and biological materials and plankton that exceeds 1 micron in size and is changed every 3 months

Second: Biological treatment (the fourth stage begins)

The fourth stage: the membrane, which is one of the most important stages of the device, and it works with the reverse osmosis system located in the roots of the plant, where the water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane with a porosity of 0.0001 microns, where the water

molecules are separated from the rest of the pollutants from excess salts, bacteria and viruses and disposed directly through the drainage in the device. Change it once every 6:18 months

The fifth stage: the safety filter, which is made of active carbon steel, and its task is to confirm all the stages that the water has passed through after storage. It is changed once a year.


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