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Water Filter Single Stage 20 inches

490 EGP

  • Product Features:
  • The first stage: It is a cotton filter that removes rust, impurities and dust suspended in the water, which can be seen with the naked eye.
    Heavy metals, organic and inorganic substances that cannot be seen with the naked eye
  • Comes with many connections for easy installation
  • Does not require storage space
  • security
  • The plastic materials are certified and make the filter safe and easy to clean

Single stage filter impurities removal

Size: 20 inches
Color: blue
Number of stages: one stage
Dimensions: Standard
Made in Taiwan.
Features of Single Stage Impurity Removal Filter 20 Inch:

The 20 inch impurity removal Single Stage filter is a high-quality manufacture in Taiwan, which is different from the common membrane filters in the market.
It is used with a mechanical ejection system, and does not depend on the use of any chemicals.
Jumbo filter remove impurities from water.
It separates the water from other contaminants, such as impurities and suspended dust.
You can disassemble and install it easily, no need for experts to install and replace the old filter.


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